Monday, November 19, 2007

POS operating system

Thinking of getting a new operating system? Check out this chap's original sales pitch to sell the latest Microsoft operating system:

This is a Full Version of Windows Vista Home Premium. NOT the upgrade. It has never been opened. Why you would want this POS operating system is beyond me, but if you're determined to get it I'm willing to take your money for it. I would recommend that you just stick with Windows XP, or perhaps try Linux. I hear Ubuntu is easy to use and it's free. If you STILL want to buy this ...

I wonder why he bought it in the first place?
See the listing here

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1K for a Knife?

This may look like a little like a transformer but it's a useful hunting tool.

How much would you pay for a knife? This beautiful knife made by Peter Atwood has not quite reached a grand but $910. With 3 hrs 30 mins to go will it break the 1K barrier. Obviously at that price it's not your ordinary run of the mill knife but a custom made job, here are the stats:
Blade length: 2 inches
Blade material: 5/32" thick CPM 3V tool steel, 59 rockwell, flat ground both sides
OAL of Knife: 4 7/8"
Handle material: 1/8" thick 6AL4V titanium
Handle length: 3 inches
Pivot: hardened 440C from Ken Onion
Tip Down Pocket Clip
Satin etched Snakeskin pattern on the handles scales and clip
Antique Satin finish on blade is a great working finish
Nice lockup
Strong detent
All screws hand shaped and satin finished
Hex shaped thumb opener
Hex shaped custom rear spacer
Hardened steel stop pin
Torx and allen screw construction
Comes with a lined zippered pouch

If you wan't to bid do it soon. Ideal Christmas present for a special dad out there.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Star Wars Replica Shadow Stormtrooper Helmet

More Star Wars geekery for you. This Replica helmet from Master Replicas isn't actually available, but the auction here is for a pre-sale order. Only 500 are being made.

Stormtroopers are usually in a white livery. The reason for the black as seller Scrapbookingbutterfly explains is that:

For much of the Galactic Civil War, a mysterious agent of the evil Sith Lord Emperor Palpatine, code-named “Blackhole,” carefully gathered intelligence data for the Galactic Empire. Blackhole had an impressive arsenal of weapons available to him, including a Star Destroyer, the signature vessel of the Imperial Starfleet. The Stormtroopers under Blackhole’s command were known as Shadow Stormtroopers. Their armor was cast in black stygian-triprismatic polymer which had increased sensor-stealth capabilities, allowing them to move about the galaxy undetected.

With a starting bid of $649.00 you would be forgiven for thinking that the helmet really is made of black stygian-triprismatic polymer, but it's probably made of plastic. It is wearable though, with a padded lining. Pretty cool, but at that price only for serious SW geeks. [link]

Thursday, August 02, 2007

More Sex

Another absolutely huge domain for sale in the auction section of is:


Obviously this will get a lot less type in traffic than but for an informational site about the birds and the bees, I can't think of a better name. Keep an eye on this one as I think it will pop off pretty high.

At the moment it has had 12 bids, and stands at $175,000. What do you think it will end up at?
I'm guessing $2,000,000. Maybe optimistic? We'll see in 10 day, 10 hours and 30 minutes.


Monday, July 30, 2007

Derren Brown PURE EFFECT magic and mentalism book

Derren Brown has been described as the world's only living jedi. This isn't too far from the truth if you have caught his shows on tv. He is able to bamboozle bystanders with a mix of magic, misdirection, mentalism, hypnnosis and showmanship.

Before his tv fame though, he was but a humbl magician, albeit with a penchant for taxidermy. Derren wrote a book, which is now out of print called Pure Effect where he discusses some of the tricks of the trade, and how he approaches performing his routines.

Here he with some candy counters:

Highly sought after these don't come up too often. Will it turn you into a jedi overnight though? Probably not. I'm afraid there is no substitution for practice, practice, practice, but this just might help you a little.

Bid here.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Domain Name

Ever been to Western Samoa? No? What do you think of when you hear "Western Samoa"? I'll bet Harry Potter isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

Let me explain. The domain name extenstion dot ws (.ws) ist used by the country of Western Samoa, and it is not as popular as other extensions. Some have tried to make the extension more popular by using .ws as an abbreviation for website. Another use for it is commonly known as a domain hack where the extension and the domain name make up a whole word, like or The seller writes:

This is a sale of the internet domain name Perfect domain for any dedicated Harry Potter fan.

Use it to point to your myspace or facebook page or as your email address i.e. or

It is registered until 2009 but I doubt the deathly hallows movie will be out by then. Don't be a muggle and bid here.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are you a Professional Brit?

Are you British? Do you wear a bowler hat and take an umbrella to work? Well you don't have to even own those items to bid on this auction.

Seller Mwzd is auctioning off the domain name British.Pro. The auction description states:




True, it could be used for these things, but I wonder if it would be useful at all if you were based in Soho? Bid here if you fancy your chances. :)<

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life Sized Figures

I found this life sized figure of a Warhammer Orc. Can you imagine just trying to get to sleep with that in your room? It made me wonder what other life sized figures are out there. Here are a couple.

If the orc freaks you out too much how about everyone's favourite terminator Arnie. This shiny head is from a cast that was taken of his head for the movie Batman and Robin. It is so detailed that individual pores are visible.

Or if you prefer the feminine touch about good old Lara Croft. The reason for here sale is:

I have now found another extremely attractive and beautiful young lady to replace Lara I feel the time has come to create a little more space!
Just slightly worrying in the description, under the condition section. It says "used." Poor Lara.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Become a Scottish Laird

Are you satisfied with plain old Mr or Mrs in front of your name? If you are then why not buy some land in Scotland? This could grant you the right to be called a Laird (or Lady). For only £19.99 in a Buy-it-now style listing, seller Highland_titles is offering you the chance to become a titled person. If you are thinking this sounds just too good to be true, well, the catch is this: the land is only 1ft square.

On the plus side owning even a small amount of land gives you the title Laird Smith (or whatever) of Lochaber, and grants you sporting rights. So what are you waiting for? Grab your kilt and bid here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Feeling Batty? - Get a Batman Costume

Ever since I was a small child I have had a fascination with Batman. He was much cooler than Superman, and I happened to get a Batman costume one Christmas. It still hangs in my wardrobe but is unfortunately way too small.

Coming across these costume auctions below awakened old crime fighting ideas. Seller Goth100 is hanging up his cape and cowl.

The cape is made totally from valour. Goth100 even gives tips on what special product to get the close fitting cowl on, and what a superhero should use to guard against an overly sweaty costume. It's very popular having reached £700 already so if you want it bid here.

Not just as popular is a second Batman full reproduction costume which seems more modelled on the Michael Keaton movie. Maybe it's the camera flash but it seems to have an unfeasibly large codpiece.

If you fancy the cheaper one go here. You will look quite the part when The Dark Knight, the sequel to the excellent Batman Begins is released next year.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

50 year old Pine Bros Cough Drops

Mike Davidson asks his readers Is it ok to eat 50 year old cough drops. He won an auction for the medicinal sweets and then wondered if they could do him harm. Imagine buying cough drops that could possibly have the reverse effect, and give you a sore throat or tummy ache.

This is unlikely though as as one of his commenters who recently tested the toxicity/endurance levels of glycerol in some cough-suppressing syrups thought that
...there's not much chemical difference from the 50 year-old box to one you would buy at the drug store today.
The auction was for an unopened box of Pine Brothers cough drops from the 1950s or 60s. If you are feeling a little hoarse you may want to bid for your own cough drops. although I'd stick to a new packet from the chemist myself.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sunshine Space Suit Prop

ever wanted to own a piece of movie history. well now you can.
this really cool suit is made to protect Captain Kaneda of the Icarus II from the freezing temperatures of space.

Seller Propstore_auction is selling a few items from the movie. The designers were influenced by many things including samurai armour and even Kenny from South Park! Warning:This is a movie prop only. Don't use it on your spacewalks. :)
If you want toget a new suit bid here.

If you can't afford the large suit (or don't have space in your wardrobe) you could always bid on this little hand painted maquette. it is so cute, and one of a limited edition of 40.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Sexy Domain Name

Is racking up bids on ebay right now. 16 bids as I write this and bidding is stuck at $2000, although I imagine it will shoot up at the end.
Dot IO is the domain extension for the Indian Ocean.

Seller Burchwebmarketing includes an appraisal which values the domain's top whack at $205,390.00

This might seem a lot but some things never go out of fashion. =P
The seller also includes the information that sold for $14 million, and sold for $454,000 last June. Moral of the story: sex sells. What will this domain go for.

You can go here to bid or just to take a peak.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dead Heads

Why decorate your home with those awful flying duck ornaments on the wall. You know the ones, that have that kitsch look. Instead you could go for the real thing: Dead Heads on sale on eBay.

These ringneck pheasant heads are preserved with borax, and are odor free so won't stink out your hallway! These beautiful birds, were legally harvested and farm raised for commercial use. Not everyone's cup of tea but if they are your thing bid here.

Weird Fashion

Now I'm not a dedicated follower of fashion by any means, but even for me these leggings are a little out there. Seller Sloothenator, who also made these lovely items, describes them as:

DIY wEiRd skirt & leg warmers PUNK emo SCENE raver lbg

They have had 11 bids so far but don't worry bidding only stands at $18 so bid here if you want to own them, but for goodness sake, wait until it warms up a bit before you wear them outside!

Monday, March 19, 2007

1994 Personal Diary of Anna Nicole Smith

Dear Diary,
today I found an auction that made me think Ewww...that's a bit off. It was an auction for the diary of Anna Nicole Smith, the troubled lady who died barely over a month ago on the 8th Feb. First people selling Anna Nicole domain names and now this. At first i thought that it was just a joke listing but seller universalrarities is selling a few other Anna Nicole items, and the diary comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What troubled me was wondering whether Anna Nicole would have wanted her personal thougths up for auction for all the world to peer into. Bidding started at a hefty $25,000 but has had 2 bids surprisingly. I wonder who would bid on a item like this?

Oh well, dear diary, until next time.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Monty Python Black Knight from Holy Grail

None shall pass!
I remember watching the nutcase that is the Black Knight in the Monty Python film The Holy Grail, but never imagined that a figure would be made of him. If you've never seen the film I heartily recommend it. The Black Knight is the nutter who just doesn't know when he has lost a fight. Seller Toynk says:
Naturally territorial, it will defend its chosen area fiercely against other knights, door-to-door salesmen, or people needing to go down the hall to use the bathroom (one reason Black Knights are so much fun at frat parties). In the process of defending his territory, your knight may occasionally lose on or all of his limbs.
He stands 14 inches tall and all his limbs come off, but don't despair they are attached by velcro and can be stuck back on again. Probably best to keep him away from frat parties though! =P

Bid here.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Honduras COUNTRY code domain name auction

Imagine owning the domain names UnitedStates.US, or France.FR or These are domains that actually have the name of the country abbreviated in the domain extension. Up for auction on ebay is the domain name

which is one of the lesser well known, or weaker, extensions. would be worth millions while would not be worth anywhere near that amount.

Bidding starts at $5499, will it go anywhere?
If you fancy a flutter bid here.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

(IN) Action figure LOST Shannon

Action figures usually have a striking pose, hence the term action figure. I've found an INaction figure up for auction of the lovely Shannon from Lost.

Some figures are for collecting and some are for playing with. Kids can't play with this one, she just lies there. If you wanna bid on one go here.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Aston Martin Box (No Aston Martin)

Seller Musicmax123 is selling an Aston Martin box. That's right, a box, without the Aston Martin. A cardboard box which did have an Aston Martin in it but now does not. So essentially it's just a cardboard box (albeit with some history).

Seller states that the:

Now i hate to bring it up again but it has no Aston Martin inside of it! Although having said that it does have a natty pic on the back of the box of James Bond taking a look out of the cars sunroof.
Maybe by owning the box the car will be attracted to you also? That idea is maybe a little 'out there' but you can bid for the box here until you get the car of your dreams.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith Death Domains

Up for auction on ebay this very moment are 101 listings for domain name with the name "Anna Nicole Smith" in the description. The poor woman. Not even dead 2 weeks and there are people trading domains with her name in the title. I wonder how many of these will be developed into lasting websites, not many I fear. One seller even describes the domains that they are selling as "classy".

You can find such 'gems' as:

If you fancy building your own Anna homage site find the domain name here. Otherwise I'd leave them well alone and not encourage profiting from the woman's death when she hasn't even been dead for 2 weeks.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How Cheap is Posh Spice?

Going for a song at the moment on eBay with only a few minutes left is a domain name:

Would Becks be happy to know that his wife has only had 3 bids up to $0.61?
There would probably be a legal suit from Posh and hubby if anything spice girl related was ever put on it but if you want to bid in the last few minutes bid here.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spiderman Movie Script by James Cameron

How about this for an unusual auction: a first draft script (or scriptment) from none other then Terminator and Titanic director James Cameron himself. He was initially interested in directing the movie version of Spiderman but went on to pursue other projects and the film was finally shot by Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame.

With Spiderman 3 out soon will this rise in value? Who knows? At the time of writing this it stands at £67.00 with 16 bids. Seems like a good deal seeing as the script is 120 pages long. If you are a die-hard Spidey fan bid here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Black Spiderman Costume Original Comic Art

An original piece of comicbook art is up for auction. It features Spiderman's black costume which makes an appearance in the upcoming movie Spiderman 3. Seller eastrockaway says:

Here is my favorite super hero, in my favorite costume, on one of my all-time favorite covers (alot of sentimental value here as I still remember buying it as a child at my local 7-11!) recreated by Mike Zeck himself (the first and only one he did of this particular cover.) Signed front and back. Liquidating to free up capital for some other pieces that unexpectedly became available. With the new Spidey movie coming out in the Spring set to feature the Black Costume this piece is a CAN'T MISS investment. Best of luck to all!

I used to collect Secret Wars comics ages over 15 years ago and remember this one fondly too. Bid for it here, webheads. :D

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Comical Cats Paw auction

Here's a painting being sold by noonan 1716 on eBay. His description it as:
A humorous drawing of a cat by Michael Noonan. It is six by four inches in size, is drawn on cartridge paper with an artist’s pen, coloured pencils and markers, is signed by the artist and is mounted in a glass fronted frame for posting.

Nothing too weird about this auction other than I found it to be a pretty cute and funny cat picture. It made me smile. Who is michael Noonan and what else does he get up to? His work is quite naïve and you can see more of it here. Bid for the cat pic here.