Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Life Sized Figures

I found this life sized figure of a Warhammer Orc. Can you imagine just trying to get to sleep with that in your room? It made me wonder what other life sized figures are out there. Here are a couple.

If the orc freaks you out too much how about everyone's favourite terminator Arnie. This shiny head is from a cast that was taken of his head for the movie Batman and Robin. It is so detailed that individual pores are visible.

Or if you prefer the feminine touch about good old Lara Croft. The reason for here sale is:

I have now found another extremely attractive and beautiful young lady to replace Lara I feel the time has come to create a little more space!
Just slightly worrying in the description, under the condition section. It says "used." Poor Lara.

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