Friday, March 30, 2007

Sexy Domain Name

Is racking up bids on ebay right now. 16 bids as I write this and bidding is stuck at $2000, although I imagine it will shoot up at the end.
Dot IO is the domain extension for the Indian Ocean.

Seller Burchwebmarketing includes an appraisal which values the domain's top whack at $205,390.00

This might seem a lot but some things never go out of fashion. =P
The seller also includes the information that sold for $14 million, and sold for $454,000 last June. Moral of the story: sex sells. What will this domain go for.

You can go here to bid or just to take a peak.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dead Heads

Why decorate your home with those awful flying duck ornaments on the wall. You know the ones, that have that kitsch look. Instead you could go for the real thing: Dead Heads on sale on eBay.

These ringneck pheasant heads are preserved with borax, and are odor free so won't stink out your hallway! These beautiful birds, were legally harvested and farm raised for commercial use. Not everyone's cup of tea but if they are your thing bid here.

Weird Fashion

Now I'm not a dedicated follower of fashion by any means, but even for me these leggings are a little out there. Seller Sloothenator, who also made these lovely items, describes them as:

DIY wEiRd skirt & leg warmers PUNK emo SCENE raver lbg

They have had 11 bids so far but don't worry bidding only stands at $18 so bid here if you want to own them, but for goodness sake, wait until it warms up a bit before you wear them outside!

Monday, March 19, 2007

1994 Personal Diary of Anna Nicole Smith

Dear Diary,
today I found an auction that made me think Ewww...that's a bit off. It was an auction for the diary of Anna Nicole Smith, the troubled lady who died barely over a month ago on the 8th Feb. First people selling Anna Nicole domain names and now this. At first i thought that it was just a joke listing but seller universalrarities is selling a few other Anna Nicole items, and the diary comes with a certificate of authenticity.

What troubled me was wondering whether Anna Nicole would have wanted her personal thougths up for auction for all the world to peer into. Bidding started at a hefty $25,000 but has had 2 bids surprisingly. I wonder who would bid on a item like this?

Oh well, dear diary, until next time.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Monty Python Black Knight from Holy Grail

None shall pass!
I remember watching the nutcase that is the Black Knight in the Monty Python film The Holy Grail, but never imagined that a figure would be made of him. If you've never seen the film I heartily recommend it. The Black Knight is the nutter who just doesn't know when he has lost a fight. Seller Toynk says:
Naturally territorial, it will defend its chosen area fiercely against other knights, door-to-door salesmen, or people needing to go down the hall to use the bathroom (one reason Black Knights are so much fun at frat parties). In the process of defending his territory, your knight may occasionally lose on or all of his limbs.
He stands 14 inches tall and all his limbs come off, but don't despair they are attached by velcro and can be stuck back on again. Probably best to keep him away from frat parties though! =P

Bid here.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Honduras COUNTRY code domain name auction

Imagine owning the domain names UnitedStates.US, or France.FR or These are domains that actually have the name of the country abbreviated in the domain extension. Up for auction on ebay is the domain name

which is one of the lesser well known, or weaker, extensions. would be worth millions while would not be worth anywhere near that amount.

Bidding starts at $5499, will it go anywhere?
If you fancy a flutter bid here.