Monday, July 30, 2007

Derren Brown PURE EFFECT magic and mentalism book

Derren Brown has been described as the world's only living jedi. This isn't too far from the truth if you have caught his shows on tv. He is able to bamboozle bystanders with a mix of magic, misdirection, mentalism, hypnnosis and showmanship.

Before his tv fame though, he was but a humbl magician, albeit with a penchant for taxidermy. Derren wrote a book, which is now out of print called Pure Effect where he discusses some of the tricks of the trade, and how he approaches performing his routines.

Here he with some candy counters:

Highly sought after these don't come up too often. Will it turn you into a jedi overnight though? Probably not. I'm afraid there is no substitution for practice, practice, practice, but this just might help you a little.

Bid here.

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