Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spiderman Movie Script by James Cameron

How about this for an unusual auction: a first draft script (or scriptment) from none other then Terminator and Titanic director James Cameron himself. He was initially interested in directing the movie version of Spiderman but went on to pursue other projects and the film was finally shot by Sam Raimi of Evil Dead fame.

With Spiderman 3 out soon will this rise in value? Who knows? At the time of writing this it stands at £67.00 with 16 bids. Seems like a good deal seeing as the script is 120 pages long. If you are a die-hard Spidey fan bid here.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Black Spiderman Costume Original Comic Art

An original piece of comicbook art is up for auction. It features Spiderman's black costume which makes an appearance in the upcoming movie Spiderman 3. Seller eastrockaway says:

Here is my favorite super hero, in my favorite costume, on one of my all-time favorite covers (alot of sentimental value here as I still remember buying it as a child at my local 7-11!) recreated by Mike Zeck himself (the first and only one he did of this particular cover.) Signed front and back. Liquidating to free up capital for some other pieces that unexpectedly became available. With the new Spidey movie coming out in the Spring set to feature the Black Costume this piece is a CAN'T MISS investment. Best of luck to all!

I used to collect Secret Wars comics ages over 15 years ago and remember this one fondly too. Bid for it here, webheads. :D

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Comical Cats Paw auction

Here's a painting being sold by noonan 1716 on eBay. His description it as:
A humorous drawing of a cat by Michael Noonan. It is six by four inches in size, is drawn on cartridge paper with an artist’s pen, coloured pencils and markers, is signed by the artist and is mounted in a glass fronted frame for posting.

Nothing too weird about this auction other than I found it to be a pretty cute and funny cat picture. It made me smile. Who is michael Noonan and what else does he get up to? His work is quite naïve and you can see more of it here. Bid for the cat pic here.