Friday, March 09, 2007

Monty Python Black Knight from Holy Grail

None shall pass!
I remember watching the nutcase that is the Black Knight in the Monty Python film The Holy Grail, but never imagined that a figure would be made of him. If you've never seen the film I heartily recommend it. The Black Knight is the nutter who just doesn't know when he has lost a fight. Seller Toynk says:
Naturally territorial, it will defend its chosen area fiercely against other knights, door-to-door salesmen, or people needing to go down the hall to use the bathroom (one reason Black Knights are so much fun at frat parties). In the process of defending his territory, your knight may occasionally lose on or all of his limbs.
He stands 14 inches tall and all his limbs come off, but don't despair they are attached by velcro and can be stuck back on again. Probably best to keep him away from frat parties though! =P

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