Sunday, November 26, 2006

Suits You Sir!

Fancy a new suit? Now that Winter's drawing in, it's time to wrap up. How about suit that will cover you up from head to toe? This one might be a little bit cold though (and heavy).

What kind of person would have this in their house? A Monty Python fan obviously. If you haven't seen the following clip, enjoy. If you have seen it before, you just know that you're going to watch it again. :)

Good Knight

Pretty Sad Domain name (No really!) is on sale on ebay right now with only just over 4 hours to go. The weird think about this auction is that the seller CreativeDomains has only put a dollar symbol ($) as the description. Is this worth big bucks? If you think so bid here.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dolphin Friendly Diving (Too friendly?)

I've seen a few Diving action man figures complete with Dolphins being sold on eBay. Why do the pictures advertising the auction usually look something like this:

There seems to something just not quite right about that. Dignity for dolphins please, let's start a new campaign! Remember: they are intelligent creatures.
Bid here for the action man (+ unfortunate dolphin) or you can watch this dolphin trailer.

So long!

Viagra: Rise and shine campers!

Do you need an extra something to perk you up in the morning? No I'm not taking about chemically enhancing your chances, but rather radio! The domain name is up for auction on ebay at the moment, and the reserve price has not been met.

FM stands for the Federated States of Micronesia, but many domainers use it more as a mnemonic for the FM radio band.

Seller Sunkissed2006 suggests marketing it as Forhim. Funnily enough, the seller also added that a lot of people were contacting him regarding the purchase of viagra, but this auction is for the domain only folks.

If you feel you need a pick-me-up bid here. ;)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bond Movies on eBay (007 domains)

Seller buypoker is auctioning off his James Bond domains that he has had since 2000. He is selling and These are excellent domains if you are a Bond fan. Traffic to these domains increases every time a new James Bond movie is released, so they should be pretty hot at the moment, what with Daniel Craig starring in the just released Casino Royale. Do they make money though? Seller says:
I have made $20 in revenue already this month from these domains, they are begging to be developed. Offers in the $xxx range have been received before.
James Bond has been pretty cheesy of late and I wasn't fussed upon hearing that Daniel Craig had the lead role (although many Bond fans were up in arms about it). Seeing the trailer changed my mind. This is the first time ever that I have been excited about going to see a Bond film. Yes, excited. The Bourne Identity was like James Bond with balls. Craig plays a much tougher Bond, and (judging by the trailer anyway) is like Jason Bourne with balls.
Bid here.

Babies for Sale Online?

Seeing this on eBay I had to look twice, and then a third time just to be sure. What at first looked like a baby was actually a sculpture by Kim Van de Wetering. The detail is incredible and the baby even has a name: Sarah.

Sarah is a gorgeous newborn baby girl with the sweetest expression and wonderful chubby 3/4 limbs. Her proportions are absolutely beautiful and she is a joy to hold!
It is almost so real it is scary. Even the eyelashes have been hand rooted! Just leaves me wondering who would buy this lifelike baby? The detailed modelling process reminds me of work by artist Ron Mueck .

If you want a baby that won't keep you up at night bid here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Balls to you (Juggling balls that is)

Not really a weird auction this one but I thought that I'd post it anyway. Found this clip of the innovative juggler on YouTube and wasn't very impressed at first but found myself almost hypnotised by the movement of the balls.

Some might say this is cheating but it definitely adds an extra dimension to juggling. Have you tried juggling lately? If you can't quite do the 3-chainsaws-in-the-air-at-once trick yet, bid here for juggling equipment to perfect your party piece.

(big plastic cone not included).

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spooky Domain Name on eBay

Did you have a spooky Halloween this year? Make it even spookier next year with this spooky domain name on eBay right now which has just over 5 hours to go before it's dead and buried. is on up for auction and bidding currently stands at $1,025 with 14 bids but the reserve has not been met yet.

So if you think your bid could be in with a ghost of chance bid here.