Monday, November 19, 2007

POS operating system

Thinking of getting a new operating system? Check out this chap's original sales pitch to sell the latest Microsoft operating system:

This is a Full Version of Windows Vista Home Premium. NOT the upgrade. It has never been opened. Why you would want this POS operating system is beyond me, but if you're determined to get it I'm willing to take your money for it. I would recommend that you just stick with Windows XP, or perhaps try Linux. I hear Ubuntu is easy to use and it's free. If you STILL want to buy this ...

I wonder why he bought it in the first place?
See the listing here

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

1K for a Knife?

This may look like a little like a transformer but it's a useful hunting tool.

How much would you pay for a knife? This beautiful knife made by Peter Atwood has not quite reached a grand but $910. With 3 hrs 30 mins to go will it break the 1K barrier. Obviously at that price it's not your ordinary run of the mill knife but a custom made job, here are the stats:
Blade length: 2 inches
Blade material: 5/32" thick CPM 3V tool steel, 59 rockwell, flat ground both sides
OAL of Knife: 4 7/8"
Handle material: 1/8" thick 6AL4V titanium
Handle length: 3 inches
Pivot: hardened 440C from Ken Onion
Tip Down Pocket Clip
Satin etched Snakeskin pattern on the handles scales and clip
Antique Satin finish on blade is a great working finish
Nice lockup
Strong detent
All screws hand shaped and satin finished
Hex shaped thumb opener
Hex shaped custom rear spacer
Hardened steel stop pin
Torx and allen screw construction
Comes with a lined zippered pouch

If you wan't to bid do it soon. Ideal Christmas present for a special dad out there.