Friday, June 02, 2006

Duck Swallows Alien

This is the startling X-ray image of a bird with strange stomach contents. All funds from this auction go towards helping rehabilitate other birds at the International Bird Rescue and Research Center of California.

One cynical email the seller got said:
"How hard would it be to open that duck up, plant an alien look-a-like toy or figure & sew the duck back up and take the X-ray giving the appearence of an alien"

Possibly true, given that the poor duck didn't survive but who would go to an elaborate hoax like that when the most likely cause of the alien head is an 'anomaly of internal organs'. The seller has had a few unkind emails too, but they seem to be missing the point that it is a charity aucion.

Nearly 100,000 people have looked at it, a huge number due to the news coverage it has had, even down under in Australia.

It's an excellent image in my opinion and would look great framed. Bids have already reached over $4000.
If you dont' have that cash to spend you could always make a donation at the website HERE. The IBRRC have been
helping saved oiled wildlife since 1971.
You can even purchase an alien duck shirt there too.

It also looks, to me, like Eddie the Iron Maiden mascot. So if you are a die hard bird lover, or Maiden fan bid now.

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