Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Chest Advertising for Charity

Online on eBay now from seller davinci*s_code_flock_girl is an auction to advertise on her chest for 30 days. Her name seems to change almost as often as the auctions, well not quite but possibly the seller has changed her name to catch traffic from people searching for the da vinci code.

What's weird about this auction? Well, what I find weird is that it has had over 500 views and over 30 bids reaching $200 so far, but THIS recent auction to advertise on a construction worker's back for LIFE, didn't receive any bids!

What's the difference? Do advertisers only like pretty faced girls rather than workie's backs, or is it that they don't want to permanently brand someone (just in case they change their company identity in today's fast paced world)?

Or it could be that 100% of the final sale price goes to Breast Cancer Awareness. Maybe eBayers are more interested in helping good causes than I thought. See it here.

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