Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Genuine Maharishi Coat....or is it?

A seller on eBay was auctioning off a genuine Maharishi ladies jacket, or so she says. This seller has 97.1% positive feed back, 102 positive, and 3 negative in the last 12 months. Would you trust this person?

Apparently it from the seriously expensive range:

awesome mhi jacket made from genuine leather and Sheepskin wool lining. This was given as a christmas gift and although there is no marking or sign it is maharishi (odd i know) i promise it is!, its from the seriously expensive range where they dont even need to put a label on it!
I don't know if this is true or a false, but if you are asking people to pony up for a super expensive designer jacket, it would be a good idea to post a link or two to a site which verifies the story of no labels on the garment. Whether they are lying or telling the truth, their story is less believeable when they post:
... this is RARE!, and wont be on ebay again, RRP £500+ and this wont be going for anything less than three digits so bid early as once 12 hours is left i will cancel auction if price is not met, buy it nows are welcome and pls check other items.

Hurry, hurry give me your money, that's what I'm hearing. Rather than espousing the plus points of the jacket, how heads will turn towards you, how you will instantly become really cool, or even how warm it is, the seller tells us they will cancel the listing if they don't think they are going to get enough for it. Hello? That's what a reserve bid is for! It's a fine line between marketing something and using the same language that a scammer would use. "Buy it nows are welcome?" Why didn't they stick a buy it now option on the listing then with how much they would be prepared to take for it then?

More information like sizes from collar to hem, shoulder to cuff would have been most welcome in a listing like this. Coupled with all that, they chose the cheapest possible layout to showcase this outstanding coat. Please, if you want top dollar on auction items you are selling, see them from the perspective of a buyer and don't make the mistake of selling yourself short.

Would you gamble on this?

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