Monday, November 20, 2006

Bond Movies on eBay (007 domains)

Seller buypoker is auctioning off his James Bond domains that he has had since 2000. He is selling and These are excellent domains if you are a Bond fan. Traffic to these domains increases every time a new James Bond movie is released, so they should be pretty hot at the moment, what with Daniel Craig starring in the just released Casino Royale. Do they make money though? Seller says:
I have made $20 in revenue already this month from these domains, they are begging to be developed. Offers in the $xxx range have been received before.
James Bond has been pretty cheesy of late and I wasn't fussed upon hearing that Daniel Craig had the lead role (although many Bond fans were up in arms about it). Seeing the trailer changed my mind. This is the first time ever that I have been excited about going to see a Bond film. Yes, excited. The Bourne Identity was like James Bond with balls. Craig plays a much tougher Bond, and (judging by the trailer anyway) is like Jason Bourne with balls.
Bid here.

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