Friday, September 15, 2006 Domain Name on eBay

Yes that's right the former ruler of Iraq, Saddam has his namesake up for auction on eBay right now. At this moment the bidding stands at $2,751 after 18 bids, but I can imagine that going a lot higher. Saddam Hussein, reported by Mercury News to have been NOT a dictator, is on trial just now for war crimes. Judge Abdullah al-Amiri said

You are not a dictator. You were not a dictator. However, the people or the individuals and officials surrounding you created a dictator.

This will obviously anger lots of folks because from where they were sitting he looked an awful lot like a dictator.

Saddam is now synonymous with the former Iraqi leader, but let us not forget it is just a first name and many other people may want to buy it for something completely unrelated to Hussein. To keep an eye on it, or put in a bid for it click here.

*edit: Auction ended at US $3,149.00

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